Leveraging relationships
to provide access.

While Corporate Governance has never been easy, increasingly complex issues face the modern Corporation and place ever-growing demands on the Corporation's Board of Directors. Today's Board must deal with a complex mix of changing technologies, regulatory mandates, changing accounting standards, tax issues, savvy competitors and increasingly litigious shareholders. Effectiveness and discretion are key elements of meeting the Board's fiduciary obligation to the Corporation's shareholders.

Our extensive executive experience at the highest levels of publicly held corporations provides to The Burgess Group unique insight into the dynamics of Board functioning, and has prepared us to provide an array of services to Board Chairpersons, Boards as corporate governing bodies, Board Committees, and to individual Board Members. Key to all of our Corporate Governance Executive Search Consulting Services is our capacity and reputation for providing services which are confidential, discrete, independent and thorough; and which conform to the ethical practice standards of the Association of Executive Search Consultants which we have pledged to uphold in the conduct of our business.

Board Assessment Services include analysis of the needs of our clients for specific expertise on their Boards; assessment of the relative skills and backgrounds of current Board Members; comparisons of the mix of skills against the needs and effectiveness of the Board; and independent, professional recommendations for Board restructuring as appropriate.

Board Recruiting and Diversity Services are an extension of our senior executive recruiting practice geared specifically to the needs of Corporate Governance. Our recruiting experience in the senior executive suite and in the Board Room of outstanding professionals of diverse backgrounds and gender makes us particularly well qualified for such tasks because of the extent of our global associations and networks.

Board Support Services include independent executive secretarial services; meeting coordination; independent travel and meeting support with centralized, discrete "third party" billing; and related support services. These services are of particular use to Board Committees which have a need for independence and discretion. Additionally, The Burgess Group offers Board Special Event Planning and Speech Writing Services.