Our solutions effectively bridge
business relationships and careers.

The Burgess Group now offers our existing and future clients consulting services whereby we will strategically recruit highly qualified professionals to provide specific discipline and industry expertise on a per project and/or assignment basis. Frequently a growing number of profit, not for profit and governmental agencies that we recruit for are unable to hire full time permanent employees. As new and changing business needs arise, as well as budget constraints and timing issues, this consulting service practice will allow our clients to address their current and projected professional capital requirements without the expense of full time employment.

We will collectively determine for each consulting assignment all parameters from definition, field of specialization and industry, talent required job descriptions, focus, desired outcomes and timeframes in order to provide cost proposals for each specific business service assignment contracted.

Our Consulting Service discipline areas and industries covered will be: Administration, Management, Financial Services, Sales and Marketing, Diversity Training, Human Resources, Fundraising and Development, Construction, Engineering, Operations, Architecture, Facilities, Procurement, Higher Education, Community Affairs and Government Relations.