Executive Coaching &
Counselor Training Services
Powerful leadership practices
that produce improved performance

Today's fast paced, dynamic workplace is becoming more complex, uncertain, and ambiguous. The Burgess Group can provide your organization and leadership team with solutions to help you succeed in this changing environment by addressing your current needs and enhancing your adaptability for the future. Whether you are a corporation, nonprofit, or public agency, you will find our executive coaching services are result oriented and enable you and your organization to achieve greater productivity, increased retention, improved working relationships, and more time for reflection in order to expand self-awareness.

We offer a range of coaching services that will be customized to address your organization's challenges. Our services engage clients in a number of areas that include the following:

We Help Engage and Motivate Your Employees - Our methodology focuses on simple, but powerful behaviors that have maximum impact on your leadersÍ ability to engage.

We Help Executives Communicate Simply and Powerfully - We enable leaders, managers, and up-and-coming talent improve their public speaking and authentic impact in order to enhance their leadership presence.

We Improve the Process of Strategic Planning - The Burgess Group provides you with a planning and accountability process that draws on the knowledge and expertise of your board members as well as employees, and is efficient enough that the process can be completed in three facilitated meetings.

We Analyze the Dynamics of High Performance Teams - Our robust, practical approach helps teams be successful from start to finish by looking at a number of unique dimensions of performance. Our approach can be delivered through training, coaching, or a combination, whichever is most convenient for you.

We Help Onboarding New Talent - We offer a framework to help clients in a new role succeed during the crucial first 90 days.

We Coach Strategic Career Management - The Burgess Group enables all segments of your organization to uncover strengths they may not yet be aware of, tap their deepest intuitive understanding of who they are and what matters most, and take action to achieve goals that are aligned with their talents, values, and the mission of your organization.

We Train The Counselor Program-We also custom design counseling skills programs for organizations that employ counselors, advisors, case workers, human resources staff and other helping professionals. Our training programs enable your staff to fine tune their communications and facilitation skills so that their interactions with your clients are more focused and effective.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about all of these services. We will listen to what you see as your challenges and together will provide solutions and new ideas for making your organization more effective and efficient.